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Exercise Keeps Pets Healthy

Exercise keeps pets healthy and happy! An active pet is less likely to be obese and develop health issues.

Your pet is one of your best friends, a beloved family member and a part of your everyday life. Their happiness is very important to you, and their health even more so. But more and more, dogs, cats and various other house pets are becoming overweight or even obese which can lead to serious health issues. It is ultimately your responsibility if they are overweight or healthy. Not only do you control their diet, which includes the unnecessary table scraps everyone in the family feed them, but you also control their exercise.

You can help stop these issues before they spin out of control by going to regular checkups with a veterinarian who will be able to help observe your pet's weight and provide suggestions for weight loss if necessary.

If you are worried your pet is overweight, feel around their spine and ribs. Healthy pets have only a thin layer of fat to separate and protect the skin and bones. If you have trouble touching the spine or ribs your pet is very likely overweight. As a general rule, once a pet has reached its final growing stage anything above fifteen percent of the recommended weight is considered obese. To confirm and monitor these numbers, you should regularly weigh your pets to ensure they are at a healthy weight.

Some breeds of dogs are more prone to obesity than others. Breeds that are prone to obesity include Dachshunds, Beagles, Rottweilers, and Saint Bernards, among others.
Most owners do not intend to cause their pets to be overweight but oftentimes part of the blame for overweight pets lies with the owners. It is easy to overfeed pets with treats and people food, which is often unhealthy for them. You may want to make you dog happy by sharing your dinner with them, but to avoid weight problems, it is best to not do this.

Feeding your dog or cat a healthy balanced diet, and making sure they are active enough are key to maintaining a healthy weight. Portion control is very important for pets whether or not they are overweight. Most pet food packages will offer recommendations for serving sizes but it is important to remember that these are simply general guidelines. How much you should feed your pet will depend on their size, age, and activity level.

Overweight pets can be an indicator of an unhealthy owner’s diet, and can cause your pet to face a host of issues. It is so important for your pet's health and safety that they maintain a healthy weight. Obesity in dogs and humans can cause diabetes, trouble breathing, orthopedic issues, pancreatitis, and other serious medical issues. To keep your pets at their happiest and healthiest, do your best to feed them a healthy diet, and make sure they get plenty of physical activity.